Yogesh Sharma

जब इंसान कभी भी बिना चाबी का ताला नही बनाता, तो भगवान कैसे ऐसी समस्या बना सकता है जिसका समाधान ना हो?

Seek astrological guidance, manifest success, and live a life of confidence and assurance.

Yogesh Sharma

चल ज़िन्दगी कुछ नया करते हैं, जो उम्मीद औरों से की थी वो अब खुद से करते हैं।

Seek astrological guidance, manifest success, and live a life of confidence and assurance.

Yogesh Sharma

Live a purposeful, wealthier and fulfilling life.

Get astrological advice, manifest success and live life of confidence and certainty.

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About Dr. Yogesh Sharma

What I Do

Dr. Yogesh Sharma is a well-known astrologer who is incredibly talented and experienced. Many people's, industrialists', and couples' fortunes have been transformed as a result of his guidance.

Astrology, Vastu, Vastu Alignment as per Birth Chart, Industrial Vastu Specialist, Couple Counselling, Depression Counselling, Numerology, Name Correction, and Mahurat Specialist are some of his specialties.

26years of

Our Services

Follow your dreams and manifest success

Astro Consultant
Get easy solutions to your problems based in your birth chart and gain clarity on your life decisions.
Vastu Acharya
Vastu is the interaction of positive and negative energies that impact all parts of life. Get the best Vastu advice.
Muhurat Specialist
Before starting any venture consult the Muhurat Specialist for successful completion of work.
Industrial Vastu Specialist
Are you concerned about your profit margin? Get answers to your queries and get the finest guidance.
Couple Counselling
Couple counselling can help you prevent circumstances like divorce by receiving post-marital counselling. Get assistance from a professional.
Depression Counselling
Depression gradually makes person isolated from outer world. Get astrological advice and cure your depression  with simple solutions.
Uncover the information about your fate through numbers. Get the most up-to-date advice according to your life numbers.
Name Correction
Your name is linked to your destiny. Addition or subtraction of alphabets brings huge difference.  Get the best name correction advices.

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