Professional Immigrants in Australia

Professional Immigrants in Australia

You are reading this blog just because maybe you are well-educated immigrants and stuck in low-cost jobs or want to know more about immigrants lives in Australia.

There is a reason, why I am writing this blog. When I met this uber driver. Very professional and the way he was talking was simply amazing. I thought just one small course can change his life and he can make more money. I couldn’t stop myself and out of curiosity asked him ” you are such a nice talker, looking professional “why don’t you do any small trade course and earn more money. He just smiled and didn’t reply.

Nearly ten minutes we didn’t have any talk and then he started sharing his experience. He said I was one of the best athletes during my college time and topper of my state. After the degree, I also found an attractive package salary. I used to work with one of the multinational company back to my country. I have a big family includes my parents, two sisters, one brother, a wife, and three kids. And I am only earning hand in my family. I came to Australia with big dreams and for a better lifestyle. I came here on a student visa for a Masters degree program. As all of us know, study in Australia as an international student is very expensive. I worked day and night to cover my course fee. I was so confident that after degree I will get a good job and my family won’t financially suffer but It didn’t take long to shatter my dream after finishing the course and face the reality of life. I applied for more than hundreds and hundreds of jobs but every time I received one reply “I AM OVER QUALIFIED”. I rang this recruitment agent and said I am not asking for more money. just need a full-time job. He replied, “if I hire you then I have to pay you according to your qualifications and we can’t afford that”. He said, “I think many times to move back to my country but I can’t do as I won’t be able to cover my course fee because of currency difference”.

Finally, I asked him only one question “How do you feel about yourself when you see your face in the mirror”. He had no answer. I told him, well, it’s not only your story here. There are plenty of people of the same or worse background. Do you think they all are driving a taxi or doing small jobs or struggling here?

I said, we have a similar story brother but the only difference in the family is I have only one brother and one sister. But I am enjoying my life here and settled person in Australia. I said, “nothing will change unless you change”. If you want more than you have to become more. Increase your skills. Don’t allow current circumstances to kill your dreams. You must have a burning desire to fulfill your dreams.


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